More than stock broking.  SIC believes in a full stack approach to transactional platforms.


Responsive organisation. Speed is not latency, SIC focuses on delivering more than just order level speed.


Innovators shouldn’t have to choose. SIC provides a neutral infrastructure with transparent insight mechanism.


Relationship minus the restrictions. We believe in what we do, and we know you do as well.


A pedigree of two decades.We have evolved since 1993 to serve solely the equity investors.


A world class tech stack to build on. We will manage everything while you specialise.

Safe & Secure

A Power-packed application platform, with no drag on customer mobiles. Data is secured in-flight and Apps are fully native. Leverage SIC’s customisable applications with your own brand, in a secured way.

Starting at Zero Cost

Analytics Ready

When mere seconds can cause exponential profits or crippling losses, you need a platform that serves you with relevant market data in real-time.

AI Enabled

Teams that Care

From internationally based tech teams to experienced compliance geeks, SIC is proud to power the next generation of apps backed by an expert group of people who make things work, 24-7

Now BSE Powered

Bringing India To The World

Our company is a global provider of technology based financial services, backed by industry leading technology and security. Our partners range from investment advisors based in India to Technology players around the globe.